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What is Forex?

Forex, or Foreign Exchange involves trading different currencies for each other. Investors use Forex to protect investments in foreign countries and to speculate on what will happen to these currencies in the future.

Types of Investments

What is a Bond? ›

A bond is a certificate that allows an investor to lend money to corporations or governments. The borrower then pays back lender the the principal with interest, at a date set when the bond was originally issued. Furthermore, the borrower has to pay rent on the borrowed money as what's called a coupon. Confused? Don't worry check out the video.

Types of Investments

What is a Mutual Fund? ›

A mutual fund is a professionally managed portfolio of assets. Assets can include a number of different items for trade including stocks, options, bonds, to real estate and more. While a mutual fund charges a fee, the increased returns they provide can sometimes be worth it. Mutual funds are similar to exchange traded funds.

Types of Investments

What is a Penny Stock? ›

Penny stocks are often misunderstood. While the name can be confusing, a penny stock is not actually a stock worth only 1 cent. In fact, penny stocks earned their name from having a price of less than 1$. While inexpensive, penny stocks have the potential for huge growth or decisive failure. Watch this video to learn a little more.